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Thursday, April 06, 2006


Roots De Carpetblogger

Long before Issaquah, Washington became a place where bands came from, it was hardly more than a single exit off I-90 where mullet-headed kids drove camaros and smoked weed at the bus stop.


Accordingly, its architectural landmarks have remained largely underappreciated, until today, when BoingBoing featured the beloved XXX Rootbeer sign in a post about internet censorship that I didn't really understand at all.

Nevertheless, it makes a hometown girl proud to see an iconic childhood landmark get the recognition it deserves on the internets. More accurately, it relieves her to see that at least one iconic childhood landmark hasn't been paved into a CostCo parking lot or to make way for a gaggle of medium-density McMansions.

When I see that bright orange barrel from my couch in Kyiv, I crave a frosty rootbeer from the old XXX, even though I haven't eaten there since I was 10 probably. Anyone who's from Issaquah might be surprised to learn that XXX's signature product should probably considered "artisanal," according to the post. That level of attention to quality will certainly protect the XXX from Microserfs and their rapacious overlords.

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