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Sunday, March 12, 2006


A Carpetblogger Kyiv Nightlife Quiz

So you find yourself playing a gig at Art Club 44, one of Kyiv's hipper joints in which the oligarichal influence is minimal. Hailing from Seattle, you play grunge/punk accordian while channeling Tom Waites, frequently while wearing a mask and shaking a plastic bottle full of dirt. The thonged Natashas at the front of the stage writhe and remove layers of clothing, until the nuances your original lyrics exceed their English capabilities and they lose interest.

You attended which of the following liberal arts academies:

a). Reed College

b). Evergreen College

c). BCC


héhé !! jecomprends rien mais ca a l'air bien !
Reed kids would be over their phase and enjoying their trust funds the week afer they graduate, so I vote Evergreen . . . they retain their earthiness a bit longer . . . .
If you went to these schools, you should have enough in the trust fund to go to PRAGUE, you know it's in Eastern Europe. Why would you want to go to the Ukraine?!
If BCC = Bellevue Community College, then I would say that it is out. If it was Seattle Central, then maybe. I assumed that based on the Northwestness of the other choices. Somehow I don't see Evergreen either, most graduates tend to stay fairly local.
I would guess Reed, since I know they have a good Russian program. Probably a Reed trustafaria at that.
Plus everything I've heard is that Prague is over, and Budapest is on the cusp. So maybe with the visa-free promotion, some people are "discovering" Kiev. Waiting to see if Moldova becomes hip.
BTW, I immensely enjoy your blog.
Very insightful comment there, Anna. I appreciate your knowledge of the various northwest community college demographics and am impressed that you recognized BCC. Spot on about Seattle Central too. You're definitely on to something about Kyiv becoming the next Prague. Prague is so over, like 10 years ago. Everyone knows that. Good work!
Yeah, well I went to too many of the colleges in the Pacific Northwest. EWU, Lewis and Clark ("we're almost like Reed, but not really"), PSU, UW, WSU. That was the first BS. Then UC Santa Cruz, SCCC, NSCC, and more UW in the vain attempt to retrain. Most of it was miscellaneous night and summer classes. Now at Oregon Tech, working on BS #2. I hope it's the last one. Theoretically, I'll have a real career after this one. Either that or I'll have an extensive collection of transcripts.
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