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Saturday, February 11, 2006


If you can't get enough of Azeri standards of beauty

Then you're going to love this photo of Miss Azerbaijan 2006, submitted by longtime reader and first-time puppy abandoner, Baku Stevie. I can't credit BS with the photo -- he reports he didn't want to pay $200 for a seat at the event. Where are his values? -- but kudos to whoever did.


I think the girl is not bad but there are girls more beatiful than this one among ordinary Azeri girls...
She is definitely not beautiful. Most of Azeri girls are more beautiful
Who is you daddy?! Miss Azerbaijan... Even here we are below average!
Remove this photo please. It is a shame! May be she is good girl, but she is UGLY in comparison with many ordinary Azeri girls. For example http://www.azerigirls.blogspot.com/
i donno where did you get this photo, if you really interested with miss Azerbaijan you can find her in here http://www.eylence.az/blogs/index.php/maybach/2006/11/28/best_model_of_aze_girls_part_1
i think that she is not beautiful typical azerbajani girls.i saw a lot better
she is not typical beautiful azerbajani girls.i saw a lot better
she is beautiful!!! All azeri girls are the most beautiful women in the world!!!))
she's a good example to see where the monkeys evolved from :)
she is ugly :(

She probably bribed the juries in order to win the contest. Baku girls are known to be beautiful. She is a disgrace.
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