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Sunday, February 12, 2006


Graffiti in Georgian is Redundant

I made my escape from Azerbaijan through Georgia, a country in which I regret not having spent more time, especially in the summer. I enjoyed several exceptional meals in the cellar bar at World of Urine in Tbilisi. Now of course that's not really its name -- it's called World of Wine, and it's just around the corner from the opera house. The sign outside is written in such a way that calls into question what's really on offer inside. It's a great place to learn a little about Georgian winemaking from the helpful owner, who unfortunately doesn't speak English. Alternatively, you can sit in the woody bar and drink $1 glasses of Tsinidali while people who speak Russian broaden their minds.

A friend who lived in Tbilisi for several years commented that when the UFOs land on earth, their space ships will have Georgian written on the outside. Georgian script, to me, is completely inscrutable.

grafitti 3
Pork products and something else -- could it be plantains? -- on sale herein

grafitti 2
War Dead

grafitti 1
Redundant graffiti

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