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Monday, January 09, 2006


Blood of the Lamb Flows Tomorrow

Boy oh boy, colorful holidays like tomorrow's Bayram (Eid Al-Adha) are why we live in places like this, right? It is not a good day to be a sheep, though, since every family is obligated to slaughter one and distribute the meat among their members and the poor. It's rooted in when Abraham offered to sacrifice his son Ishamel to Allah (also known as "Yaweh" or good ol' "God" in other religions).

Allah responded by giving him two sheep. As a known hater of sheep, I say Abraham got screwed.

From the 13th floor of my modern, high rise office building, I could see flocks of sheep lined up along the roadsides. By dark, they had pushed head first in wet, dirty wooly masses up against building walls, backs to the wind and snow, like the condemned prisoners they are. The Producer mused on whether it was better to be the first sheep or the last sheep. Since I believe the only good sheep is a dead sheep, I didn't weigh in.

Last year, I posted about the piles of sheep pelts , the blood in the streets and the unusually colorful TV commercials.

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