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Thursday, December 15, 2005


Polo's Bastards

This is an interesting site I've never run across before (thanks to Gadling, another site I just started reading regularly).

Polo's Bastards has some decent stories about "going places you're not supposed to", though I do take issue with including Syria and Pakistan on the list. The only folks afraid of going there are paranoid Americans who worry about some foreign policy chickens coming home to roost.

I've always held the view that if the US State Department tells you not to go somewhere, that alone is a good enough reason to go check it out for yourself.

Glad you enjoyed our site (PBs). Your blog is actually pretty cool too - I will be back!

As for Pakistan, c'mon - NWFP towards the Afghan border isn't exactly Disneyland and parts of Balochistan can be a little hairy too.

Syria.. hmmm... ok, you got us there. Syria is for pussies. ;)

(Publisher - Polo's Bastards)
Pakistan is nice. I hear that Syria is really depressing, though, what with all the g-men around. Not that I've been there. Who would, with party central right next door?
hey! I got to your site accidentally!
(Google can be misleading sometimes:)
I am Syrian and I assure you one million times that Syria is a safe place to be in and has thousands of interesting places to see!
So many Americans live there, they teach English and learn Arabic! It's a famous destination for Arabic learners because its people are so hospitable!
Damascus is the oldest inhibited city in history and it has some awesome churches and mosques!
Believe me, it's worth a visit! btw, Syrian cuisine is something irresistible:)
Have a look at this blog written by an American in Syria:

and this one
And finally our ministry of tourism has come up with a site that works:)

Interesting blog you have, btw! I've spent a long time reading through it!
Good luck

@rob wood:
Syria isn't for pussies mate:) well, depends how u understand this of course! Hope u change ur mind at some point!
Just don't compare Syria with Austria, Japan, the UK : Syria is pretty depressing for SYRIANS, I assure you:) For foreigners, it's exciting and unique!
How do you get to the Polo's Bastards site? I keep getting a msg that I am forbidden from this server....
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