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Monday, December 26, 2005


Is there anything that cannot be improved by pickling?

A wise person asked this question this very blog not long ago. According to Samaya, our cleaning lady, the answer is an emphatic "YOX."

Let me give a brief tour of our refrigerator right now, highlighting all the different agricultural products that she improved by pickling:

If Samaya was president of Azerbaijan, I'd buy stock in brine.

And this doesn't even count all the varenekis, or jams, she's made for us:

Azeris sweeten their tea with these jams so they go through them quickly. We aren't big tea drinkers so we serve them with ice cream at dinner parties. It hardly makes a dent in our supply. No one eats as many pickles as we've got on hand now.

Oh, you should invite my husband over. He could help you- if he had his choice, he would eat nothing but preserved goods all year. He loves eating pickled garlic straight from the jar.
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