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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Holiday Carpet Shopping

One of the best parts of carpet shopping for other people is that no one can blame you if you take a little something sweet home for yourself.

Three girls spent Saturday afternoon with their dealer, hoping for a little satisfaction. Everyone needed to fulfill a client's (or a relative's) needs. Everyone found something for the people on her list, and took home one, or two, or three for herself. Ruslan probably got the most satisfaction from these transactions.


I violated a personal policy and purchased this Afghan. Because of my "buy local" policy, I have stuck almost exclusively with Azeri carpets, with a brief, and completely understandable, foray into Daghestani Sumacs.

Carpet dog says
Carpetdog approves!

Who knows when I'll get to Herat, and this was lovely. I'll have to read up on the patterns.

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