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Thursday, December 22, 2005


As One of Turkmenbashy's Biggest Fans

Allow me to congratulate him on the 20th Anniversary of his visionary leadership of the Turkmen people. Registan has some juicy press quotes.

Here are some photos of his personal mosque outside of Ashgabat where many of the celebrations took place yesterday. The Gypjak Mosque is really something. It has quotations from the Ruhnama engraved in gold encircling the minarets.


Above the main entrance: "The Ruhnama is a good book, the Koran is God's book."


How cagey is that? Can you think of anyone more deserving of a Fatwa?

More Turkmenistan pictures at Carpetblogger's photos on
Flickr, or easily accessble from that Flickr bar to the left.

I can't really think of anybody more deserving of a Fatwa, but not even because of what he wrote on the mosque. Just in general.

Since I am also a big fan of Turkmenbashy, I would like to bring up the following question: If Turkmenbashy and Qaddafi got into a fight (not a war, just a bare-handed brawl), who do you think would win?
Bare-handed brawl - Qaddafi, but in sumo wrestling Turkmenbashy would be on top.

Besides, he's got more impressive cheerleaders.
Carpet blogger Im a fan of your blog as well as a fan of the "Great Turkmenbashy"

Y do u think Turkmenbashy will ever go for a brawl with qaddafi? He will claim that his people disapprove this and send his deputy instead.

If he dies or loosed, he will be sacked as incompetent. If he wins he will sacked too for plotting a mock fight with qaddafi and trying to cheat him

All in all he wins anyway.

That is why he is called Beyik Saparmurat Turkmenbashy....which literally means The great Saparmurat Turkmenbashy.

The mosque is not the only place u find the Ruhnama.....all children are thought Ruhnama in school

There is a special TV programms on national TV for ruhnama....

Ruhnama rules!!

Read the book.

Revere the author.

(Anyone wants to buy a Ruhnama mug?)

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