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Sunday, November 20, 2005


Crisis in Baku!

What election? We're talking about a real crisis here.

The supply of pirated DVDs has been drastically reduced in the last few weeks!

One of the biggest benefits to living in Baku was the endless supply of first-run movies -- summer blockbusters and independent films alike. Within days of almost any movie opening in the States, it could be purchased here for $5.

The pipeline seems to have been cut! First, our favorite DVD store closed -- the one with a better selection of classics and independent films than the average Hollywood Video. Then, the cheap Chinese purse store started selling mostly TV series (not that there's anything wrong with that. Lost is pretty good). But we can't hardly buy any new releases anymore!

The rumor is that Russia --the source of all Baku's fake DVDs -- cracked down on pirating. Aren't there bigger problems on which Russia should be focusing right now? Don't they know it's academy award season?

This happened with pirated CDs in Tashkent when I lived in Uzbekistan. It was rough. When they first reopened, they could sell MP3 discs but not regular music. Word was that the authorities discovered there was a lucrative market they hadn't taken a cut from yet.
hehe, I can relate to that!
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