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Saturday, November 12, 2005


Baku Fashion

A new photo series on Carpetblog! Remember, irony is not yet a language Azeris are comfortable speaking.

Post-Sovietka fashion still reigns in Baku

It was probably 60 degrees on this late September day

I am constantly surprised at how often I see grown men dressed identically in the streets of Baku

So this is in Nardaran, one of Azerbaijan's most religious and conservative villages, about 30 kms from Baku. These women are voting

This is a group of women in Nardaran checking for their names of the voter list

Few exceptions aside, the sad thing is that they look well dressed when compared to what people wear here in the states. In CT, it's common to see people wearing stained sweat suits when shopping in public...not even going to comment on southern fashion or other selective groups.
pointy elf-shoes. everywhere. i yearned to see somebody, anybody, with a comfortable looking pair of loafers...

--- jay
Why not, I find this identically dressed men in Baku really cool. And what they wear too. I try to shoot some fashion pics from the Tbilisi streets too, this is a really funny theme...but what ever one wears in the Caucasus, it looks much better, than what the Westerners wear (here).
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