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Monday, November 14, 2005


Badass in Dogistan

Caucasian Shepherds are complete badasses. This one stood about three feet tall. Usually two or three of them guard a flock and you don't just run up and say hi. They are absolutely vicious. No wonder: right after they are born, their ears, and sometimes their tails, are broken (I assume to give predators less to latch on to) and they are put in a dark box so their eyes develop. I'm sure that's what gives them their charming dispositions.

Awww what a cutie

Indeed, that is a collar of nails around his neck -- defense against wolves or other predators who think they are bigger badasses than he is.

Indeed, that is blood on his paws and head. Not clear whether it's his blood, the blood of his victims or lunch leftovers.

satanic mode

Thanks to the Beckster, who took these out near Shamaxi.

This dog is pretty young, maybe 1 year, he seems curious.
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