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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Excellent Blog on Georgia

If Kaukasus blog doesn't make you want to visit Georgia, nothing will. I hope I get another chance to scoot over there before I get the flock out of here.

Scroll down to early October for some fantastic shots of Caucasian shepherds and their huge dogs in Tusheti. Even farther down is an strangely compelling photo of a burning horse carcass. But don't miss earlier shots of the "Geogian Kitchen." Doesn't look all that different from the "Azerbaijan kitchen." Wine's better, though!

hi guys its amy.

i actually have a project i have to do on people who have gone to school or lived for a year in a foreign country and have pictures or information on how life in that country is similar and different?

can you guys help me out? or maybe put me in touch with some one who could give me some good information?

There's also my blog from Azerbaijan's other neighbor, Armenia:


BTW: Wish you'd post more often...

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