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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Cocktail Party Tidbit for Azerbaijan

Did you know that Freddy Mercury was an Iranian-born Azeri? You didn't? Well, he was.

Azeris don't actually talk about possibly their most famous son all that much, given that he died of AIDS and all. Must have been because he was born in Iran.

Who knew?

UPDATE: OK OK. I COULD have consulted the source of all accurate information before posting, but it's not like standards for truth and accuracy are all that high in Baku. In my defense, an Azeri friend (who didn't even provide me with the initial tidbit), confirmed that Freddy Mercury was an Azeri from Iran, not Parsi from Zanzibar! He went so far as to tell me the Bohemian Rhapsodizer was not such a hero in Azerbaijan because of the shame of his disease.

Anyway, it's Azerbaijan's loss.

Further tidbit: I read a while back (year or so ago) that Iran deemed Queen acceptable for Iranian ears because of Freddie Mercury's origins. It's apparently the only rock band allowed to sell albums there.
Actually, Freddy was born in Zanzibar. So please if you choose to give an info, at least give a right one.
Freddy was a Parsi born in Zanzibar not Azeri.
Carpetblogger is right Freedy's Iranian Azerbaijani. As a fan of Freddy I reseached many resources. I can prove it with reliable sources. Interested one can email me: thulingbg@hotmail.com
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