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Saturday, September 24, 2005


Photos of strange things in Azerbaijan

On a forced march through the regions this week, I came across a couple of amusing things.

I saw this old guy walking up the hill in Sheki, hunched over, toward the Khan's Palace. He had what looked like a big stuffed dog over his shoulder, covered with a yellow cloth so only its ears were sticking out. He proudly unveiled it for me. It was a very old, very ratty taxidermied wolf. For a few thousand Manat, he kindly turned on the Christmas lights he'd strung through its smile for a photo. I wish I had a photo of it on his shoulders. This has become my new favorite photo.


Since it's harvest time, this isn't very unusual. Azeris are very skilled at packing every square inch of their Ladas and Volgas with produce -- watermelons, apples, potatoes, or like this guy, onions -- they need to sell in the bazaars.


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