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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Maybe you think

that Carpetblogger is light on substance and heavy on irresponsible froth, particularly when there's so much happening in this part of the world.

You're asbolutely right. You want substance? You'll have to seek it elsewhere.

When you're finished reading here about the Producer's tour of hospitals and police stations of the former Soviet Union or the latest advances in cherry stacking techniques at the bazaar near our house, check out either of these excellent blogs on central asia and beyond Registan and Coming Anarchy

Hell, I read for the light substance and irresponsible froth :)

God knows that if I was living in the area currently, that's all I'd be serving up.
Hey I am the comedic relief of our little band of brothers, so I feel for ya Carpetblogger!

Thanks for the CA hat-tip!
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