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Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Congressional Smackdown

Blue-eyed anti-war rogue and former Labour MP George Gallaway is testifying in front of Congress about accusations of his involvement in the oil for food program right now. BBC, god bless them, is carrying it live.

I'm not a big fan of congresisonal testimonies, but this guy has Carl Levin and dumb-ass Norm Colman with their tails between their legs. "I was right and you were wrong." "This is the mother of all smoke screens." Would that all congressional hearings were so spicy. I'm sure it will be covered on page A14 on Friday before Memorial Day.

This guy is en fuego.

I worship at the altar of the Rude Pundit

Love reading this page, but oh my, if you're pro-Galloway your political outlook is abysmal. Sorry. Had to be said.
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