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Monday, May 02, 2005



Carpetblogger has been recently taken to task for being insufficiently respectful of Ultimate Frisbee.

Indeed, Carpetblogger has been on the receiving end of a drunken diatribe from the team's hotshot flack for failing to acknowledge how Ultimate Frisbee promotes American values such as teamwork, camaraderie and world domination.

Carpetblogger officially apologizes and promises to use her power for good, rather than evil. Note to hotshot flack: good press comes at a price.

Here's some UF news:
Baku's team was recently re-christened, and not a minute too soon. Besides possibly being the worst team name ever conceived, the "Nodding Donkeys" apparently sent the wrong message in a country where no farm animal is safe in spring time. Carpetblogger fully supports the new name: "the Evil Eyes." They have had the ubitquitous blue and white eye printed on to their regulation-sized frisbees and blue uniforms.

After an intense recruiting campaign, the squad can now field four teams. Impressively, one of those teams is all Azeri women.

The team is going to Moscow to play this weekend. Huzzah! Kick some commie ass! (Don't worry. Patches is staying in Baku).

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