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Saturday, April 30, 2005


Sorry for the Silence!

We were in Turkmenistan for two weeks. It was an outstanding adventure and I do plan to post some reports and photos. It's just that the sun is out this weekend and all of Baku's other temptations are calling, so I'll get to it when I've exhausted all my other options.

Does anyone out there have a suggestion for a photo hosting site? I tried Hello! and didn't like it because I couldn't control how the pictures got posted--they went straight to the blog as a new post. The photos looked good once they were up though. I've been using Photobucket, which is pretty easy to use but the pre-set photo sizes are either too big and mess up the blog formatting, or too small and hard to see. I have some really great photos and while i can't do anything about the huge amount of time it takes to get them up with my crap dial-up, it would be nice if they looked good once they're up.

Have you tried flickr? (I'd love to see more of your photos.) Have been enjoying your blog greatly.
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