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Wednesday, March 16, 2005



We, and our Neva, were victims of sabotage Saturday night!

I came out Sunday morning, eager to do my errands in a car, only to find the two right side tires flabby flat.

This was preposterous. There was only one explanation: Sabotage!

But who hates our Neva? Did I park in someone's spot? Were the pock-faced teenage boys in our court yard trying to impress me? Is there a jealous Toyota rep in Baku?

Even though I told the courtyard kids to track down the perp (they were so effective with the maniac), the mystery may never be solved.

All we know is that someone punctured the sides with something sharp.

Fortunately, you don't buy new tires when something like this happens. You send the flat ones to the tire master, who plugs the hole and charges you $8.

Now I park the Neva in our garage.

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