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Friday, January 28, 2005


Athletic Supporter

If you missed the latest issue of "Obscure Sports Quarterly," you might not be aware of the hottest sports craze to sweep Baku since competitive sheep buggery.

Ultimate Frisbee.

Ultimate Frisbee is a cross between soccer and, well, Frisbee. I'm not exactly sure how it looks because I've never watched a match.

Even more surprising than the fact such a "sport" exists is that The Producer plays it. Before you accuse me of being an unsupportive wife, when I say he "plays" Ultimate Frisbee, I mean that he goes drinking on Friday night with a lot of other guys who talk about playing on Saturday morning. Not surprisingly, he's played 3 or 4 times, total.

The Ultimate Frisbee craze has swept the Former Soviet Union. Ex-pat teams from all over the Empire Formerly Known as Evil will converge on St.Petersburg (Russia, not Florida)next week to play in the Ultimate Frisbee Championship. Despite being AWOL from most games, the Producer made Baku's team.

(Geographically astute readers might note that St. Petersburg in February isn't a very hospitable environment for a Frisbee game. Worry not. It's indoors.)

Azeris usually play on Baku's team but a trip to St. Petersburg isn't cheap and Nike hasn't responded to sponsorship pleas, so only Americans and Brits will go. How appropriately colonial.

Realists that they are, Baku's Championship Ultimate Frisbee team anticipates a first round elimination. Early elmination appears to be the preferred outcome, anyway. They don't want frisbee playing to get in the way of their drinking and sightseeing schedule.

it's like the Hash - motto "drinkers with a running problem".

love the ultimate. is there a website or email list to get on ?
So does anyone ever tell you wht an arse you are? Oh you must get that ALL the time!
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